Without further delay, welcome to the #POOP squad world of super heroes! How to stay normal in 2021 you may ask yourself? How to save the world? How to eat the best pizza while waiting for your animation?

We are immensely pleased to present you the first hero of the POOP squad series. Ladies and gentlemen, Dragan Vejnovic, yours and ours, creative director of VR POLE, pizza artist and a super hero.

Our artist Robert Puntar outdid himself once again.

Who is next?

Can you guess who is Cow Boy? Why would somebody be called Professor Blender or Mister Compass? Is Muay Thai Yespeace a cocktail or a POOP hero? What happenes when Black Weather comes and what happened to Calligraph?

To answer this questions, stay tunned and stay sane…

People Of Outstanding Powers are keeping you safe!