After the wicked 2020, many businesses knelt down and gave up. We don’t know how to give up so we opted for a slightly different approach. We are attacking the year 2021! Hard!

As we promised we are presentating our team of heroes in an unprecedented format. Our team is now 7-people-strong has a new HQ in Remetinecka cesta 75B and each team member possesses a certain superpower with which he plans to save 2021!

Every week we plan to present a new POOP squad hero. So be ready and don’t be afraid! The POOP squad is coming.

Still not convinced that 2021 will be a super year? Maybe this POOP intro song will reasure you.

People Of Outstanding Powers

As we promised your fears will come to an end.
Let us introduce you to our team,
That will soon become your best friend.

We know how to bake beautiful pizzas,
We quite unsuccessfully fight with various creatures.
Say hello to a group of gentlemen with phenomenal features.

Our super powers don’t come from some fancy laboratories.
We help people with our super actions,
And positive stories.

We talk to animals and take care of them.
Everywhere we come, we cause a rumpus!
But all in all, we have a wonderful moral compass.

How to educate in a fun way is our goal.
We influence time with our actions.
Here, have a sip from our wisdom bowl.

If you’re in trouble, and you don’t know how to get out of it,
Don’t worry.
We will try to rescue you.
Future doesn’t have to look blurry.

We are People Of Outstanding Powers. We are POOP! And we are coming soon…

POOP are among all of us, POOP is in us!