Award winning virtual reality studio VR Pole has recently published world’s first public XR tour. Hisstory tour offers users to see historical attractions in augmented reality while sightseeing with their smartphones. The Hisstory Tour app is available now on both Appstore and Google Play.

The mentioned tour is an application that combines new experiences in tourism and technology. While touring the City of Zagreb (Croatia) the user experiences 14 amazing and unbelievable extended reality stories from a digital guide Tom. The app works as a combination between treasure hunt, gamefication and XR.

The app enables you to explore more about the city you are visiting through your phone’s camera. The whole point of this is to enhance your travel experience with engaging augmented reality stories, interactive maps and fascinating amount of historical data. And to have a digital tour guide in your pocket wherever and whenever you need him.

The VR Pole team does not plan to stop only on this tour. After receiving positive reviews from users they plan in 2021 to add additional interactive vr poles to app locations and thus provide users with a complete XR experience. Regarding the company’s plans for 2021, 6 new XR tours are being done in the EU cities with similar features.

VR Pole is a company creating integral virtual, mixed and augmented reality interactive solutions for hotels, museums, galleries, sports clubs, tourist facilities and other innovative companies that are embracing digitization. They produce  innovative 3D, 360 and VR animations and products, unique VR software and various stationary XR devices that transform regular places into immersive virtual reality experiences.

VR Pole also won a Gold medal for Best Innovation in Tourism and “CREATORS FOR THE CENTURIES” award for contributing to the development of entrepreneurship in central and south-eastern Europe.

In 2019 the company has been granted EU funds for Innovations of newly established SMEs for their vr pole project.

Their vr poles are already housed in the Museum of Illusion Franchise where they have become part of the museum’s permanent exhibition throughout the world. The poles are also found in castles in Germany and galleries in the Netherlands where they give visitors an additional dimension – the VR dimension.

The quality of their animations is also recognized by international film studios, so they worked, for example, on promo films for Australian football clubs and British producers of complex industries.

They have a great desire to penetrate the US market. Therefore, they are looking for partners and clients in the United States, because that is still the only market in which they have not shown what they can do. To find out more about the company or to become a potential partner visit their website at