Today’s markets are driven more and more by the needs and desires of consumers. As technology advances, those desires change and it is crucial for a brand to keep pace with those changes.

Augmented reality and Virtaul reality are an emerging trend within marketing and sales strategies, one that allows brands to give their customers unique experiences with the convenience of new technologies.

VR/AR will become one of the most significant media types through which consumers interact with brands and make purchase decisions. AR and VR give you another tool in your belt when it comes to driving sales and enhancing brand value through new technologies.

Here is a list of best uses of AR and VR in your your marketing strategies.

Using VR and AR, prospective customers are able to model and try on a wide range of various products without needing to directly interact with them. This new technologies negates the need for a large physical inventory in order to allow customers to try on or sample dozens or even hundreds of items in search of the one that best meets their needs.

Virtual and Augmented reality offers the potential for businesses to add a digital component on top of their physical locations and products. Customers are able to scan a product or object in order to pull up an AR experience or they can “try” the product in VR, which will give them additional information about the product or some form of supplemental brand-related experience.

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Augmented reality can take branding materials like business cards and brochures to the next level by adding a virtual component. Users are able to scan printed materials with their mobile devices to access a range of features giving them more information and ways to get in contact with the brand.

VRPole has done a series of projects where the user scaned a brochure in the right spot and it bring up a wide range of digital information to the user. Alternatively, a business card can use AR to present a variety of contact options that will allow the user to get in touch with a single click, whether through email, LinkedIn or by phone call.

Augmented and Virtual reality can also be used as part of an indirect sales and marketing strategy. VR and AR are a great tool that be used to enhance the status of the brand itself.

Creating a novel, unexpected or fun VR or AR experience can result in a significant buzz for a brand if executed properly. This technologies are a relatively new phenomenon for most people, meaning that a well-designed experience will get people talking and generate lasting memories about your brand.

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