Museum of Illusions
Case Study



Museum of Illusions came to VRPOLE with a need to produce immersive content for their Museum franchise. Founded in 2014, MOI is the fastest-growing museum franchise in Croatia with museums all over the world, and with more than 4.500.000 attendees every year. Their first museum in Zagreb, Croatia, is quickly blowing up with thousands of attendees. For the first time ever, MOI franchise owners set out to produce original VR hardware and content for their Zagreb Museum and they called in VRPOLE to help make it happen.



The goal was to create an immersive museum exhibit using new technologies and that the story of the final product follows the mission of the museum. The final product was to be screened on a stationary VR device inside the museum, and it had to have content suitable for children and their parents. The whole story would be combined into a on-site VR experience.

The MOI team told us they had very little knowledge about VR technologies, so they wanted to be able to rely on us for guidance and advice. As an extension of MOI’s creative team, VR POLE provided the consulting, expertise and first-hand knowledge to successfully produce and develop fully immersive on-location VR device in Museum of Ilussions, in Zagreb, Croatia.

The goal of the device (with VR animation) was to immerse and inspire and to teach children the power of illusions. It was important to MOI that this project was addressed to children. Given our vast experience in making many of our own in-house VR products, as well as working with several tech companies on past projects, we felt like this was the right project for us.

Virtual Reality Hardware Production



The first part of the VR museum exhibit production brought us to Museum of Illusions in Zagreb. First we had to inspect the location so we could decide on which type of animation would be used that would be a perfect fit. In pre-production we had researched the concept of the museum and what could be easily incorporated. We came prepared to give the museum’s staff a few options of the VR animations and possible locations for the device. They have decided to put the device in the reverse room with VR Mime&Clown animation

The second part of the production would bring us to a 360 green key studio for sketch production. After that we added several effects of illusions and we brought the room to life. We than went into app production that would give the museum staff a interactive interface with which they could see the usage statistics of the device, to turn the device on and off remotely and to change the content on the device.

The majority of our animation was produced at 8K resolution combining the Insta360 Pro 2 camera with special effects. For the inside hardware of the VR Pole product we have used Pico G2 4K HMD.

Finally, the project wrapped in our production facility in a town near Zagreb, where we have produced the plug&play device for on-location VR animation consumption. After several environment testing, we delivered the final product to the customer.



Museum attendees at Museum of Illusions were able to watch this immersive VR animation of a clown and mime trying to escape a room with a stationary on-location VR device in stunning 8K resolution with 5.1 surround sound. We delivered the experience on time.

The end result was truly a immersive product, we enjoyed every moment of it. For a museum displaying illusions (or any other museum), the VRPOLE device couldn’t be more perfect.

Virtual Reality Hardware