Marvie Hotel
Case Study



Marvie Hotel&Health from Split, Croatia was looking for a vendor to produce a XR experience with the goal to give additional experience to hotel guests. Today’s new technologies has enabled hotels and other tourism participants all over the globe to add additional value to their stay, experience local life, and explore the location before making that all important decision of travel. Traveling to Split, especially from other parts of the continent, can seem like a difficult and expensive hurdle for some tourists. With new technologies we have made the Marvie Hotel&Health accessible to nearly everyone, regardless of where they live. And once they stayed in the hotel, they were given an additional experience – The Marvie Experience



It was important for Marvie Hotel & Health to do something different. They didn’t want the same old tired hotel walkthrough that everyone else has done, they wanted to be innovative and offer a truly interactive experience once the future tourist comes to the location, he/she could pick and choose what to explore based on their interests.

Our suggestion was to build a unique XR experience from the ground up, making use of 360 panoramas and videos, and incorporating visuals and information about the hotel and city of Split throughout. A on-location AR POLE device containing a unique augmented reality application would be the central hub for all navigation, and would serve as a starting point for the guest to explore.

We worked closely with Marvie staff on hotel location and around city of Split, working to maximize our time on location and waiting for the perfect weather window. Incorporating the use of 360 cameras, we covered a variety of experiences for all interests, from best beaches to restaurants and excursions. We also made a general 360 walkthrough for future guests, containing only a small portion of the whole experience.

Aside from 2 AR POLEs that were positioned on the reception and on the panoramic terrace, we added a hidden experience factor that was put in all hotel’s rooms.



We collaborated with partners from Delta Reality, experts in VR app development, to build custom AR applications for our AR POLE devices that were put on-location. Users navigate and explore the hotel by swipeing the AR device inside the hotel.

We have added another factor to the experinece and that was a digital brochure. Digital brochures were put in every hotel room, so the guest can experience “hidden” offers&tips that were updated daily from the hotel. The digital brochures contain information that can be accesed through NFC or QR code. All of the digital brochures provided various custom content.

We also wanted a way to collect feedback from guests, knowing more about what they liked in the experience or visited most. To help with that, we added a feature to contact the reception avatar through custom live-chat that is operating 24/7. This also gives us valuable data for future updates, knowing which types of experiences people enjoyed most.

We produced all the content for AR POLE application, the AR app itself, 360 web walkthrough, 2 AR POLE devices, 80 digital brochures and the HIDDEN MARVIE EXPERIENCE platform.

The 360 web walkthrough is publicly available on Marvie Hotel website. Other products and content that we produced is only available on-location, in the MARVIE HOTEL&HEALTH, in Split Croatia.



Within a month of launch, the MARVIE EXPERIENCE project accumulated several thousand customer usage. As an innovator in the hotel industry, Marive Hotel also benefited from a lot of positive feedback regarding their devices.

Ultimately, we helped Marvie Hotel&Health achieve the goal of creating a unique and exciting “hidden” experience, without the basic virtual hotel tours we’ve seen, giving the guest the abbility to choose what kind of experience they want to have.