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Case Study



Premium partner of Hrvatski Telekom, Plum d.o.o., reached out to us to produce a multimedia platform which would incorporate in HT’s largest multimedia store in Croatia. The product needed to present their mission in providing top quality services, and be the first to present the latest market trends to the public. Numerous visitors and guests would have the opportunity to get acquainted with a number of innovative technological advances, digital services and smart devices in their store.



The goal was to create a product which would fit in the newly opened T-Center that covers an area of 190 square meters (the largest multimedia store in Croatia), and was designed according to the highest aesthetic and technological standards, and with a rich offer that present a gaming zone – an interactive space where visitors are able to play virtual football in the role of the player of a selected club from the croatian football league (HNL). The client’s ask of VR POLE was to produce the content, provide a custom product solution for them to show it in their store, and provide custom branded projection that the attendees can interact with.

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After we inspected the location and store layout we have decided to develop a gesture tracking platform. We concluded that a Interactive Floor surface would be a best fit. Our Interactive Floor created for Hrvatski Telekom and our client Plum d.o.o. would convert the free space in the store into an unforgettable interactive two-player fun-filled experience.

We have decided to go with this VRPOLE’s product because our reaserches concluded that an average customer has a low attention span, so he/she requires specialized systems and interactive content for their total engagement especially in new and unfamiliar surroundings.

To get this product “up&running” we have devided the project into 4 phases. 1) To choose the best mini-PC with recommended specifications + a projector with compatible specs + a compatible sensor and adjustment. 2) To adjust our gesture tracking software and produce custom visuals that would fit in the store. 3) “Air-football” two-player game development. 4) Installation and maintenance of the VRPOLE Interactive floor

The final product was a Interactive Football Floor. A hassle free solution that is projected to a floor in HT’s store. For our client, we have created a simple to setup integrated solution that plugs-in with any standard compatible projector. After several environment testing, we have installed the final product in the store, just before grand opening.



VRPOLE’s content experts have turned our client’s desire into reality, thus continuing to lead in providing top quality services, and to be the first to present the latest market trends to the public.

We have implemented specially designed Interactive Football Floor for our client. Inside the store you can choose your favorite Croatian club and play a virtual football match against your friend, using only your feet (no devices or equipment required).

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