Applied Acoustics
Case Study



Applied Acoustics Underwater Technology’s latest deep-sea product Easytrak Pyxis was the subject of our latest 3D animation explainer video. Lambda Films, a studio from United Kingdom, have been working with the client and decided to reach out to us in order to make the complete 3D animation. Working closely with Lambda, we produced a 3min comprehensive 3D demonstration of the product which included 3D animation, 2D animation, infographics and music. The final product was a deep-sea 3D animation on how acoustics work between vehicles & structures.



The client had a premium, but complex product, so they didn’t know how to present it to the public. A hyper-realistic explainer 3D animation was proposed and the client was fully aware of the advantages. The quality of output achievable using our specialist 3D rendering techniques means we can reproduce their products in virtually any situation and application. Once the 3D models were prepared they were “imaged” and animated to highlight the quality of client’s products and their functionality. With this approach we have achieved a premium 3D product, while saved client’s time and money.



The process of a 3D animation pipeline is complex and can be a lot more complicated than any other forms of animation. But the final product is worth it. On this project, because of it’s complexity we have decided to go “by the textbook”, to go through all of the 11 steps one by one. Once
Concept and Storyboard (1) was approved we went on with the 3D Modelling (2) and Texturing (3). After that it was regular Rigging (4) and Animation (5). Since it was a deep-sea animation we had to take special care of Lighting (6) and Camera Setting (7). Once we were satisfied with the outcome we went on with the Rendering (8), Compositing and Special VFX (9). The product looked mysterious so we had to add the Music (10) that would fit. Once the client looked what we got, he gave us some feedback so we’ve done some more Editing and the Final Output (11) was there – The 3D animation of how deep sea acoustics work.



VRPOLE’s 3D animation experts have turned our client’s desire into reality, thus continuing to lead in providing top quality animation across the globe.

We have produced a high quality 3D animation using 11 principles of animation and we specially designed it for our client and the feedback was excellent. We are proud to have created the primary marketing 3D visuals for Lambda Films, and will continue to work with them on future animation production.