Our team is an active member of this year’s “world’s largest technology conference”, the popular Web Summit. Despite these unprecedented times, we think this is still the world’s largest technology conference. And so do +100.000 other attendees.

On this years Web Summit we will be introducing the new way of tourism. Our goal is to build a public XR Tour in every major European city.

We have already built the World’s first public XR (extended reality) tour in Zagreb, Croatia and it is a massive hit among the new kind of tourists. The ones who don’t want to travel in groups and wnat to get back from a trip healthy. So the only logical next step is to produce many other His Story Tours for different European Cities.


Our Pitch

Our pitch is simple. We are solving the problem of the tourism of the future. Our tourist, let’s call him Ian, is a conscientious tourist who has adopted to the new normal. Ian likes to discover the destionation when he travels. And most importantly, Ian wants to get back home healthy.

We have detected the main problems that the new tourism offers service industry is facing are How to explore a destination without:

  • a guided tour with a large number of people
  • a defined tour start time
  • a defined tour route
  • a high price
  • a dependence on the quality of the guide
  • a dependence on knowledge of the location

This is where our HISSTORY TOUR – World’s First Public XR Tour kicks in.

HISSTORY tour will allow our Ian (and all the other Ians around the world) to:

  • explore a destination alone (or with family and friends)
  • choose when he wants to start exploring (even in 3 AM)
  • choose which way to go to the next location
  • experience the city for less than a free tour
  • have a personal digital AR tour guide in his pocket


About HISSTORY in bulletins

Since we started with bulletins, there is no reason to stop now, so here is our product in bulletins:

  • HISSTORY TOUR app is available on both Google Play and App Store – High availability
  • Interactive maps – Treasure hunt style
  • 3D animation and AR stories – XR tour
  • Discover as many stories as you like – Gamefication
  • Tom the cyber-celebrity steampunk-ish silly tour guide – Marketing opportunities

The best way to describe His Story Tour is that it is a post-corona product which combines Treasure Hunt, Gamefication and Extended Reality.

We know that we are solving a big problem, but we are up for the task. Here is our “portfolio in bulletins”:

  • Creators for centuries award for best VR solutions provider in SE Europe
  • Gold medal for best innovation in tourism
  • EU Grant for Innovation of SME’s
  • An extensive network of partners and clients
  • The first public XR tour in the world launched in Zagreb, Croatia

Summary (and a P.S.)

This is why our HISSTORY Tour will give all interested tourists around Europe the chance for:

  • Gamefication
  • Treasure Hunt
  • XR Tour
  • Availability
  • Low-health risk (personal digital tour guide)
  • No-hidden costs or „shame tipping“
  • Fast production of tours


And for last:

  • See you
  • At the
  • Web Summit


P.S. You can check our pitch deck here