We have recently launched the MetAR app, a simple and advertisement free application that uses augmented reality (AR) technology for your everday-measuring problems. Since the launch, the app is a big hit on Google Play and had 50+ positive review and a 5.0 rating.

The word “metar” means “ruler” in Croatian language, so it’s logical that the product has this name.

MetAR is the simplest and the best ad free ruler & tape measure on the market that uses augmented reality (AR) technology. To use it follow the instructions bellow.

You simply need to Open MetAR app on you mobile phone and Scan the surface you wish to measure with your phone camera.

Once the “scanning process” is complete you put blue dots near the objects you want to measure.

To measure the distance between the blue dots use “line” icon and tap blue dots once again. You can also measure the radius. To do that, simply use the “circle” icon and tap blue dots once again to measure the radius.

The coolest feature for us subjectively is the surface measure feature. Use “square” icon and tap blue dots once again to measure the surface in AR 3D.

The app also has many other features, but we will let you discover and play with them.

Please note that MetAR requires ARCore library produced by Google. ARCore is constantly improving, which, in turn, positively affects the quality and accuracy of MetAR app.