We are proud to announce that our VR POLE team has succesfully published the World’s First Public Extended Reality Tour – HISSTORY TOUR. It is the nw way of tourism where you want to travel safe and without large crowds. Why is it considered a public tour?  Because we believe that every persons right is to have unlimited access to new technologies and it’s benefits. That is why we developed HISSTORY. So everybody can experience a full extended reality tour for a fraction of the price.

The tour uses new interactive technologies and hyper-realistic 3D and AR animations, and let’s you go on a walking tour to see what the world looked like in the past and listen to interesting stories from our digital guide Tom. Welcome to his story, welcome to HIS-STORY!

Our goal is to have a His Story tour in every major European city by 2022. The app is available on Google Play and Play Store. Read below a full review of our Hisstory Zagreb Tour app.


Scintillated with a magnificent history, Zagreb is the vibrant cosmopolitan capital of Croatia. Perched at 122 m (400 ft) above sea level. It lies serenely between River Sava and Mountain Medvednica.

Dotted with intriguing locales and drenched in natural European brilliance, Zagreb regales its guests with captivating adventures and experiences.

The splendid cobblestone streets and red-tiled rooftops of the buildings in medieval Gornji Grad, Zagreb’s Upper Town, make for a beautiful place to begin a sightseeing tour of the Croatian capital. But, you’re going to need a lot more than just a backpack and money.

When we embark on great global adventures, the smartphone significantly plays as the modern-day travel agent. From the palm of your hand, you can book flights, plan accommodations, and even reserve a seat at a riverside restaurant.

But how to make sure to stroll along the most famous streets and unique museums when visiting a new place like Zagreb?

In order to find a solution to this problem, we uncover Hisstory Tour. A fun travel guide app especially designed to make sure that you explore the Zagreb city like a local strolling across all the medieval structures!

Amazing right?

Let’s dig deep within its contours and scoop out enthralling features of Hisstory Tour.

What is Hisstory Tour App?

Hisstory Tour is the first social XR tour in the world. To be a part of this his-storic moment you will follow Tom’s trail on the map.

You must be wondering who’s Tom, right?

Well, Tom is your digital tour guide!

He is a time traveler and has spent time with a wide range of historical greats, from Nikola Tesla to Saint George. With Tom, you can experience the City of Zagreb how it once looked – through their own smartphones.

His Story is a time machine! Welcome to his story, welcome to HISSTORY!
Hisstory Tour App is accompanied by some of the fascinating features like:

World’s first open XR visit!
On-location application (must visit Zagreb to completely experience it).
14 exceptional XR locations and stories.
Obscure facts about historical greats.
A revolutionary way of touring with an individual travel guide in your pocket.

Costing and Pricing of Hisstory Tour App:

Everyone knows that travel guides are heavy on the pocket and nobody willingly wants to afford a travel guide along with other travel expenses.

Not to worry anymore.

Hisstory app comes with a subscription plan of only $1.39 and does not offer any in-app purchases

What can you do with Hisstory Tour App?

Hisstory Tour is an application that consolidates new encounters in the travel industry.

With Hisstory Tour’s hyper-sensible 3D and AR animations as well as interactive technology, you can explore medieval structures, cafes, museums and can see what the world resembled in the past.

Besides exploring the beautiful City of Zagreb, you can also listen to fascinating facts from the digital tour guide Tom. Moreover, experience 14 astounding and mind-blowing expanded reality stories by Tom.

Next time you tour the City of Zagreb, Croatia, with Hisstory Tour app you will never miss an intriguing place.

Summary of the Hisstory Tour App:

Hisstory Tour app works as a real-life tour guide. The app enables voyagers to explore the delightful city of Croatia, Zagreb through their phone’s camera.

Additionally, it enhances your travel experience to Zagreb with Tom’s (digital tour guide) silly however truly augmented reality stories, interactive maps, and a fascinating amount of historical information.

Hisstory Tour is a new way of experiencing the city you travel in – With a personal digital travel guide in your pocket.

Visit Zagreb, Croatia, and be a part of His Story!
Once you arrive at the location, open the portal and let the magic out…

Alternatives of Hisstory Tour App:

Below-listed are some of the Travel guide apps that can help plan your next trip:
AFAR Travel Guide App.

App Download Links:

Website Link: https://www.hisstorytour.com/
App Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/hisstory-tour/id1515931247
Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.VRPole.VRTours