If you are thinking about implementing new technologies to remain competitive in the hospitality industry, than you have come to the right place. New technology solutions like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are going to reshape the hospitality industry and help you to engage your guests better.

If you are wondering why should your hotel or rental focus on implementing AR/VR technologies? The answer is quite simple: It will improve your consumers experience. Using these up-to-date technologies will not only improve the services you are selling and offering, but will also show them to your consumers to a more tangible and real way.

Here are the 6 Laws For AR/VR Use to Improve Guest Engagement and to refine the guest experience and, as a result, increase the revenue of your business.

One of the most obvious reasons for using VR and AR technologies is: virtual hotel tours. With these tours, guests can explore the hotel and destination using 360-degree video. It’s a way travelers are helped to imagine their stay prior to buying and when done properly can help encourage bookings. VR Pole has done different 360 VR tours for hotel clients, mostly in 8K resolution with Insta360 Pro2 camera, and it was a huge marketing win for most of our clients.

Interactive elements within hotel rooms can also improve the guest experience. For instance, using AR technology guests could get information about the room such as famous celebrities who stayed there, historical facts about the hotel, information about the artwork on the wall, and more. When approaching our potential hospitality clients we usually offer a “technology-combo”, like for instance we combine NFC technology with augmented reality.

AR/VR solutions will soon make it possible for consumers to survey the many different rooms your property offers and get important information about them before booking: like the size of the room, price, features, etc. Thus, you improve their experience, because they know what they will get beforehand. For more details on how to implement one of the suggested VR/AR products, feel free to contact us.

AR and VR solutions also provide your guests with a chance to look – before they book – at the nearby landmarks, historical sights, restaurants, and museums that are near to your hotel. This helps them to plan their daily itineraries and provides incentives for them to book at your hotel. The best way to view “the history as it once was” on-location is through our teleport machine – The VRPOLE. You can read about it on The Lonely Planet.

Providing many of these AR/VR services in a variety of languages is one way hotels can break down the language barrier and market to a wider variety of consumer groups. Being able to tour a hotel room or property, view nearby sites and attractions, and play games – all in a guest’s native language, could make the difference in whether they book or not.

Hotels always try to make guest vacations more enjoyable and entertaining with amenities such the hotel spa and pool. But hotels could also offer guests both AR and VR games, providing headsets and mobile apps for guests to use while on property. They can be tailored for children or adults and could even offer rewards, such as a free drink or appetizer at the hotel restaurant for completing a level or completing the game. For more idea/concept solutions that could bring you more guests, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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