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We produce stationary VR devices that transform famous sites into immersive virtual reality experience.
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VR POLE - Tourist Attraction Of Tomorrow

At VR pole we create high resolution, 360 degree stereoscopic photographic animations of famous sites from a given point.

Easy To Use

VR Pole is a stationary device both for elderly and for kids. VR Pole provides a simple unbreakable 360 animation interface

Smart Investment

The VR Pole is a smart way of spending your budget. The device that transforms the way you look at the world and how the world has looked before.

Unlimited Animations

The technology in VR Pole is designed so that it can ``bare`` unlimited variety of high-quality animations. Your question is our new project

Endless Fun

Our professional animation teams and experts took care for the animations to be bright, educational, and an endless source of fun

100% Positive Feedback

For us at VR Pole Customer feedback is everything. That's why when we match customer feedback to what we're seeing in our analytics, we get a 100% positive result


The VR Pole is a device that can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities. It has it own plug&play system which makes it an friendly-to-use product


our products and make your ideas come alive.

6 Reasons To Order VR Pole


Tourism Benefit

International tourist arrivals worldwide are expected to increase by 3.3% a year between 2010 and 2030 to reach 1.8 billion by 2030, according to UNWTO’s long-term forecast report Tourism Towards 2030.


Full Service

In VR Pole we map, photograph, plot and scan our sites into a self-contained virtual and immersive world. VR pole creates a high resolution, 360 degree stereoscopic photographic representation of a famous site from a given point.


Reasonable Price

Virtual reality (VR) has became a “5 billion dollar industry”, with about $3,4 billion in hardware sales, and a recent report from IDC claims that the combined revenue for both the AR and VR markets will hit $162 billion by the year 2020. Don't miss the VR train


Plug & Play

In our R&D department we have produced devices that can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities. They have its own plug&play system which makes it an friendly-to-use product. Next step is going full-green.


Limitless Possibilities

The main goal for VR pole is to be a stationary device that accurately transforms famous world sites into immersive virtual reality experiences as they once were. Can you imagine what other experience a VR Pole can give you? Oredr now and find out!


24 / 7 Working Time

Lots of products market themselves as ``tough`` or ``rugged`` but what we offer is a 24/7 working VR Pole station that has ``whatever-proof`` varanty.

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